1933 Founder, Yasujiro Ogino launched production and sales of screws for spinning machine.
1954 Established Ogino Works Co., Ltd. with capital of 1 million yen
- Started business with Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd
1961 Reallocation the factory to Kawanishi City and streamlined the company’s operation by using cold plastic working
1964 Obtained Japan Industry Standards (JIS) certification
1967 Build a consistent manufacturing manner by introducing a heat treatment furnace.
1970 Started business with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd (Now called Mitsubishi Motors Corporation)
1971 Started business with Aoyama seisakusho Co., Ltd
1974 Established Gifu plant, Introduction of four steps of bolt formers
[introduction of Streamline facility]
  Renewed a full automatic plating facility
  Added and renewed a heat treatment furnace
  Added a multistep bolt former
  Increased secondary operation machine(NC lathe, grinding machine,
  single-function machine, large-rolling machine, etc.)
1995 Established distribution center (called NP center)
1998 Acquired ISO9001
Introduced a 6-step-bolt part former into Gifu plant
2002 Acquired ISO14001
2006 Introduced a heat treatment furnace into Gifu plant, and that made possible to manufacture engine bolt in a consistent manner
2008 Company merged with Urano Co.,Ltd. Changed the name into BOLTZ
2011 Introduces a carburizing furnace into No-se plant, and made it possible to manufacture functional parts in a consistent manner
2013 Launch a first factory construction in Indonesia
2015 Started on its production at new plant of PT.BOLTZ INDONESIA
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