BOLTZ mainly manufactures engine-bolts, power train shafts, pipe parts related engine for automobiles and motorcycles.
We offer our customers best products to meet their any requirements by using our various technologies, such as net-shape forging method, heat treatment, cheap manufacturing method, form-rolling method, and application of advanced materials.

 Chain Sprocket

Chain sprocket is a functional part to transmit its power by chains, its configuration requires preciseness.
We produce it using precise cold-forging method.

 Shaft Stator
Shaft stater is one of the hub parts of the automobile CVT system and its external dimension, concentricity, surface roughness are all required preciseness.
BOLTZ manufactures its products through an integrated manufacturing system including such as cold forging, heat-treatment, machining and so on.
 Hub Bolt
Hub bolt is the part which fasten the wheel to the axle of the car and is used 16 bolts per a car. This bolt transmits the driving force of the engine to a tire and is a vital element conveying a braking force, the reaction force of the road surface such as the turning power on the body.
BOLTZ produce Hub bolts which attached to all compact car of Daihatsu Motor, and the numbers exceed 20 million a year.
 Engine Bolt
Besides high reliability requiring engine-bolt (such as cylinder head bolt, crank cap bolt, connecting rod bolt), BOLTZ manufactures deaf-ling gear bolt whose strength is needed more than 1,300MPa.
This high strength bolt is testimony to our high-leveled technology, and we pursue higher one on and on.
 Water/Oil Pipe

We manufacture these kinds of pipes demanded extremely airtight structure as a route of cooling water or lubricant, and are also trying to make their quality higher, but also to reduce the cost by streamlining.

 Streering Rod Tie

This product needs more strength than other products because of that length. BOLTZ omits the heat treatment process by using non heat-treated steel.
This made us realized distortion suppressing and cost-cutting.

 Piston Pin
Piston-pin is a part to connect the piston with the connecting rod.
It is usually exerted on High pressure which prevents piston-pin from moving smoothly. Therefore, piston-pin’s outside diameter, roundness, roughness and other are required high preciseness.
BOLTZ meets customers demanding through integrated manufacturing system.
 Ball Stud

We manufacture steering product needed high precise of taper outside diameter.
BOLTZ is going to tackle to acquire higher precise molding skill to improve quality from now on.