We promise to act based on our spirit of the policy “we will contribute to society and/or customers through all business activities such as application of cold forging technology, productions, services, and pursue the company development and employee’s happiness“.

1. Our company will strictly observe the environmental laws, ordinances, regulations, and
    the environmental management rule that we established voluntarily.

2. We will predict and evaluate any influences that our business activities and products give
    to the environment, and will set targets about preventing environmental pollution, and
    always act keeping them in our mind.

    We give priority to following matter, especially from a point of our business activities.
      - Reduce waste, save resources
      - Prevent global warming by Energy saving
      - Reduce and manage environmental burden

3. This policy is disclosed regarding environmental preservation, therefore, all members of
    BOLTZ have to act keeping it in each mind and take responsibility for each action.

- Clean-up around plants (every month)

- Company interaction
  Enjoy watching a firework display (August)

- Activity for control and reducing of plant emission gas

  Installation of Dust collector and smoke extraction

- Activity to raise employee awareness for environmental preservation

  Giving an award those create an excellent environmental slogan.

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